PORTLAND — A man was injured this afternoon when he fell off a rope swing onto some rocks on the shore of Great Diamond Island, a fire official said.

Deputy Fire Chief Scott Thomes said the city sent two boats to the island after receiving the call that the man had fallen at about 1:30 p.m.

Thomes said the man fell about 35 feet from a rope swing. Thomes said he didn’t have the man’s name or age and wasn’t sure if the swing was intended to be used at high tide or if the man had fallen off before swinging out farther away from the rocks.

Thomes also said he didn’t have specific information on the extent of the injuries to the man, who was complaining of back pain.

A small fire boat was used to pick up the man, Thomes said, and he was then transferred to the larger fire boat, Marine I, where emergency medical technicians from an ambulance were waiting and began to treat the man.