MADISON, Wis. – A conservative state Supreme Court justice who staved off a campaign to replace him this summer will not face criminal charges over allegations that he tried to choke a liberal colleague, a special prosecutor said Thursday.

Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett said that after reviewing investigators’ reports, she decided there’s no basis to file charges against either Justice David Prosser or Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, who accused Prosser of choking her.

Barrett said the accounts of the other justices who were present when the alleged altercation occurred varied widely.

“I believe a complete review of the report suggests there is a difference of opinion. There are a variety of statements about what occurred … the totality of what did happen does not support criminal charges,” Barrett said.

Walsh Bradley accused Prosser of choking her in June while the justices were deliberating the merits of a lawsuit challenging Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious law stripping public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights.