PORTLAND — A city committee that has been charged with selecting artist-designed bench seating for the new Bayside Trail is seeking public input before rendering its decision.

Members of Portland’s Public Art Committee will host a public hearing Sept. 12 at Zero Station, 222 Anderson St. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m.

More than 100 artists submitted proposals, but only three were chosen for consideration. SkyeDesign of Washington, D.C., Aaron Stephan of Portland and Gary Haven Smith of Northwood, N.H., are the finalists.

After the hearing, members of the committee will recommend their choice to the Portland City Council.

“The proposed designs taken into consideration surrounding views, future land uses, landscape setting and other factors. We expect a lively discussion and welcome all points of view,” said Alice Spencer, co-chair of the Arts Committee.

The proposals can be viewed on the city’s website: www.portlandmaine.gov/planning/baysidetrailartproject.asp.