Do you own a phone landline in your home or do you primarily use a cell now? Have you thought of relying only on the cell or do you prefer to keep both?

“I primarily use the cell (smartphone, to get the most out of it) but at home, the cell phone signal isn’t great, and though wifi can substitute, I found I still drop calls when my phone decides it chooses which signal it uses (wifi signal l…ost), so I took advantage of a great deal at vonage for longer conversations, but it doesn’t help with power outages, because the internet still needs power to send a signal… And a landline is too expensive, vs. The $11/month I pay for vonage.” — Facebook follower Kelly Carr

“We have both. The cellphones are only for when we are on the road, or long distance calls. We use our landline primarily. I wouldn’t want to rely on just my cell. The service is spotty, and it’s often difficult to hear what some people are saying.” — Facebook follower Barbara Maxfield

“We got rid of our landline over 5 years ago and never looked back! Now I don’t have to come home to a full answering machine of political calls, telemarketers, wrong numbers etc.” — Facebook followers Lisabeth Dana Caroline Donnell

“Have Both. Use Cell all the time…only use landline for computer modem and directv hook ups.” — Facebook follower Carole Kane

“Both. No Verizon cell service in our house in Hope + my fiance hates cells so he’ll never rely on that.” — Facebook follower Sandie Sabaka

“Cell phones don’t work here in Walpole – unless you go to the town hall up on the hill… landline is a must and cell phone is for traveling only.” — Facebook follower Elizabeth Throckmorton Kellett

“I only have phone landline. I do not have a cell.” — Facebook follower Margaret Farrar Barnes Tripp

“I use both because I still have a young child in the house.” — Facebook follower Laurie Martel Patoine

“I was glad to have our landline during the power outage/hurricane. I knew I kept it around for some reason.” — Twitter follower ImEveryKurtlan

“Cell phone only…if you lose power you don’t have a phone and why pay for 2 phones?” — Facebook follower Pamela Charette

“We got rid of the landline because it only got used by telemarketers. I kind of miss it, but not the cost.” — Twitter follower BigBadChang

“I’ve never had a landline. The second I lived outside of my folks’ home 10 yrs ago, I bought a cell.” — Twitter follower Missylyndsy

“Disconnected landline years ago. Rely on cell only for everything.” — Twitter follower Pjhermaninmaine

After “crappy” service from Fairpoint (they wanted me to call in a repair that they caused “disconnected the wires on pole” and wait a couple of days) it was Bye, Bye and hello Cell.” — Facebook follower Mickey Meader

“I use my landline primarily since I don’t have much of a signal at my house. I’m right next to the dead zone in Freeport/Durham.” — Facebook follower Patty Brennan

“We have a landline in Portland with TimeWarner. We only have it because AT&T so terrible that we need a backup sometimes.” — Facebook follower Frank Carroll

“I certainly would like to only pay for my cell, but to have internet service for 3 computers in my house, I have to have a landline…UGH!” — Facebook follower Carole Kane

“Dropped the landline about a year ago and have never looked back. Love it.” — Facebook follower Sandy Stowell Harris

“I have a land phone and cell….seriously thinking of letting go of that land phone.” — Facebook follower Patricia Malia Russo