AUGUSTA  — The state Department of Health and Human Services will propose a series of budget cuts this afternoon, including the elimination of a program that helps at-risk youth, the elimination of the state’s share of Head Start funding, and cuts to funding for hospitals.

The proposals, and dozens of others from the department, are scheduled to be reviewed by a panel charged with recommending at least $25 million in cuts from the state budget.

The DHHS documents posted on the state budget office website show several smaller cuts to various programs and major items. Three of the major items are:

— Eliminating the WrapAround ME program, which serves 150 children transitioning from a residential treatment or a correctional facility into the community. That would save the state just over $4 million.

 — Eliminating state general funding for the Head Start program to save $2.4 million. Maine is one of only 11 states that currently contribute to the federal program for low-income preschool children, according to the budget documents.

— Reducing by 5 percent reimbursements paid to hospitals for outpatient services to save about $3 million.

The panel will continue to meet throughout the fall to decide which recommended cuts should be passed along to lawmakers.