In response to the Oct. 20 Maine Voices column by Anthony Ronzio, president of the Maine Press Association:

Contrary to Mr. Ronzio’s belief, the decline in newspaper circulation is not due to the absence of a coffee shop or space for the public in a newspaper office. Adding these will not restore luster to a tarnished reputation.

Newspapers have traditionally been watchdogs for the public, dogged in their pursuit of the truth and exposure of corruption from any quarter. They aren’t anymore.

Where were Maine newspapers during the years of misuse of funds at the Maine Turnpike Authority? How about abuse in the welfare system now under review?

On the other hand, the amount of space and time spent on coverage of the removal of art from the Maine Department of Labor — a subject that should have been judged trivial or petty — was astounding.

The fact that $60,000 of taxpayer money was expended was barely mentioned. The money came from those same taxpayers who were losing their jobs and homes. The press didn’t care.

When the press gets back to serious, unbiased investigative reporting, newspaper circulation will soar and the readers will make their own coffee.