I’m sure there’s an audience out there somewhere for “Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen: Cookin’ for Trouble” (Ballantine, $22) by Nadia Giosia. But it’s not me.

I suppose Giosia, known as Nadia G on her Cooking Channel show, is intended to be sort of like Carmela Soprano’s hotter, younger sister. She appears on the cover of her new cookbook in tomato-red lipstick and nail polish, wearing a dress made of dried pasta. The first sign of trouble is a forward by Guy Fieri that is all about him and doesn’t even mention Nadia G until the last two paragraphs.

A few of the recipes in the book are tempting enough. I could see throwing together the Thai green curry with eggplant and udon, or the Bibi’s lentil and spinach soup. The gnocchi poutine — a take on the French-Canadian classic that uses potato gnocchi instead of fries — is an interesting concept, but not anything I’m likely to whip up in my kitchen anytime soon.

When it comes to organization, the book is just, well, weird. Sure, there are chapters for students, vegetarians and folks looking for easy-to-prepare meals. But there’s also a chapter on turkey that seems oddly out of place. There’s one on bacon, one of grandmothers’ favorites, and one on dishes you should make if you’re going to propose. The book’s Italian slang (there’s a dictionary in back) surely must work better on television. And Nadia’s strange sidekicks — men with either too much or too little hair, posing right next to the food — are just plain unappetizing.

This one is for fans only.



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