WATERBORO — The York County Sheriff’s Department announced today it has recovered 50 Apple laptop computers that were stolen from Massabesic High School this week.

Sheriff Maurice Ouellette would not say where the computers were found because that information is part of the Department’s ongoing investigation.

No arrests have been made yet.

Ouellette said the computers did not appear to be damaged. The laptops had been placed inside two, large plastic tubs with covers on them.

The computers were removed from the high school, which is located in Waterboro, sometime early Tuesday morning. The sheriff said the thief or thieves pried open a window to gain entrance to the school.

“This was stuff that kids used to study with … That’s something I take personally,” Ouellette said.

Investigators were led to the location where the stolen computers had been stashed after a person, who has seen media reports about the theft, contacted authorities. The computers were valued at $60,000.