AUGUSTA — All nine demonstrators arrested during an Occupy Augusta demonstration have been released on bail as a deadline looms for protesters to apply for a permit.

Capitol Police have set today as the deadline for an application for a permit. On Sunday, protesters who claimed they didn’t need a permit spilled onto the grounds of the Blaine House, where they built a snowman, set up a tent, beat on a large kettle drum, chanted slogans and held signs including “Shutting us down will not shut us up!”

State police initially said eight people were arrested, but a spokesman said today the number was nine. Gov. Paul LePage was not in the Blaine House at the time of the demonstration.

Occupy demonstrators, who have been staying at an encampment in the state-owned Capitol Park across the street from the State House since Oct. 15, began taking down their personal tents Sunday after receiving a police request to get a permit or vacate. Capitol police say that unless they get a permit, all of their tents, camping gear and portable toilets at the site must go.

Occupy leaders were scheduled to meet with police this morning to discuss the permit and their continued presence in the park, but the leaders said Sunday they would not ask for a permit and believe they have a right to stay at the site.