Rep. Andre Cushing’s Maine Voices column exhorts Mainers to blindly support the GOP-backed cuts to Medicaid while at the same time blaming Democrats as well as journalist Greg Kesich for slowing them down and attempting to minimize the problems (“Using the same old gimmicks to avoid real problems won’t work,” Dec. 16).

Yes, Rep. Cushing, real people are going to be affected. The elderly, the children, the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill and scores of others. The least able to care for themselves.

Personally, I wouldn’t take a dime of MaineCare dollars today were I on my death bed. Knowing the condescending and vile comments being made about recipients by Maine Republicans, elected or not, would make me sicker.

However, I have two family members who need that support simply because they are unable to care for themselves. And even in that respect, my wife and I save the taxpayers of Maine thousands by caring for one ourselves, meaning he uses MaineCare for very few services.

We all know the state of the economy and the limited tax dollars. However, to propose such sweeping changes at a time when there are no alternatives for these people and ignore creative financing and cuts in other areas is cruel and unusual punishment for the misfortune of being poor or disabled.

I wonder if legislators are still getting taxpayer-funded health insurance? The governor?

I can only hope that the Legislature acts rationally, because we have a long way to go before we can vote them out in November.