Elevation Burger, the country’s first certified organic hamburger chain, will open a new restaurant in South Portland the week of Jan. 16.

Elevation Burger serves grass-fed, free-range, 100 percent-certified organic burgers made from meat that is ground fresh in the restaurant. Its menu also includes two kinds of veggie burgers, fries cooked in olive oil, and shakes made with hand-scooped ice cream.

The chain’s slogan is “Ingredients Matter.”

The new Maine restaurant will be located at 85 Western Ave.

Elevation Burger was founded by California native Hans Hess, who opened his first restaurant in Falls Church, Va., in 2005. There are now 19 Elevation Burgers in eight states, and one in Kuwait. The company is expanding and expects to have more than 100 locations by the end of 2013.

In addition to the regular burgers on its menu, customers can order a “Vertigo Burger” with anywhere from three to 11 patties, or a “Half the Guilt Burger” made with one beef and one veggie burger.

Don’t want a bun? They’ll wrap the burger in lettuce.

Click here to view a typical menu.