It was with a degree of sadness that I read the letter from a School Administrative District 51 parent concerning a program presented to the student body at Greely High School. The program apparently addressed issues around the lifestyles of the gay, lesbian, transsexual population. If just one child was spared from a bully who did not understand until presented with information concerning differences – and it doesn’t matter if the differences are skin color, ethnic background, religious leanings or sexual orientation – the program was worth everything.

I do not know whether our district has bully problems (actually I have heard that it raises its ugly head in the schools, even at the lower levels), but enlightenment can only help young minds to positively process differences. So I salute SAD 51 for not pretending everything is OK and for giving the kids a chance to talk about some sensitive stuff. We are all in this world together and kudos to an institution that promotes understanding.

Jeanne Chadbourne
North Yarmouth