It has been my experience that no matter what is proposed some will oppose it. First it is usually “not in my back yard,” or “it will change the neighborhood,” or “I’ll have to look at it from my house.”

One has to ask two questions: what good will come of it, and how will it impact our community?

I’ve had to make up my mind and then vote yes on many things, including the Freeport YMCA, the public safety building and highway garage, L.L. Bean’s return center on Desert Road, the library and rebuilding of the town’s wharf. These are things that impacted neighborhoods. Is the community better served? Yes.

The Seacoast United soccer complex will the greater Freeport community’s youth with more options for positive sports developments.

That is my point of view as a former Freeport town councilor.

Edward R. Campbell
West Gardiner