PORTLAND — A vocal group of about 60 protesters gathered at Congress Square this afternoon to celebrate May Day and workers’ rights.

Union leaders, college students and Occupy protesters stood atop a wooden soap box to speak about various labor issues before participating in a may pole dance.

Rachel Rumson of Occupy Maine said she was pleased with the number of people who turned out in the rain to have a public conversation.

“The sea of umbrellas is great,” she said.

Earlier today, about 20 students, faculty members and others turned out for an Occupy USM rally in the lobby of Luther Bonney Hall on the University Southern Maine campus.

The rally aimed to draw attention to the issue of student debt and problems with the economy in general.

After discussing the history and significance of May Day, the Occupy USM protesters walked to Congress Square to meet members of Occupy Maine and the Maine AFL-CIO for the larger rally.

Co-sponsors of the Congress Square event included the Southern Maine Labor Council and the Southern Maine Workers’ Center, along with Occupy Maine, Occupy USM and the Maine AFL-CIO.