PORTLAND – Steven Ricci, a Portland man who authorities fear is a danger to women, was sentenced to six months in jail Wednesday in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court for a probation violation and disorderly conduct.

Ricci, 47, admitted to violating probation by being out after his curfew and pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for an incident at the Fore River Sanctuary in March. His probation was revoked, leading to five months in jail. He received six months for the disorderly conduct charge, which will run concurrently with the other sentence.

Ricci has no convictions that require him to register as a sex offender under Maine law, but he has alarmed authorities by describing plans to commit violent sexual acts. Police and the University of Southern Maine have issued warnings about his presence in a Brighton Avenue neighborhood, where he lives.

Ricci has cerebral palsy and his lawyers have said he suffered brain damage at birth.

Ricci was released from the Cumberland County Jail in late February after completing a sentence for indecent conduct. He had been convicted of masturbating in front of a woman on a trail in the Fore River Sanctuary.

After his release, an off-duty jail guard spotted Ricci walking on Brighton Avenue in violation of his dusk-to-dawn curfew. He was accused again of masturbating publicly at the Fore River Sanctuary on March 20 and was charged with disorderly conduct. J.P. DeGrinney, Ricci’s lawyer, said there was no indication in this case that his genitals were exposed to public view.

Ricci has said he wants treatment and counseling, but it wasn’t immediately clear how he would access those services. Ricci is a member of a class entitled to certain services under a consent decree governing the care of Augusta Mental Health Institute residents.

“It’s my hope that the state of Maine will stand by their obligation to get proper treatment and supervision of Mr. Ricci through means other than the probation office. He clearly needs counseling and is interested in getting it,” DeGrinney said.

Ricci’s sentence Wednesday did not include probation.

Ricci was convicted of attempted gross sexual assault in 1990 after he ran naked into a convenience store, jumped on a clerk, broke her ribs and bit one of her nipples in 1990. The state Supreme Court overturned the conviction due to double-jeopardy issues.

His other convictions have been for misdemeanor offenses.

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