BATH – The Maine Maritime Museum is having a birthday. The museum on Washington Street celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer.

In the season ahead, the museum will host visits by four tall ships and mount two exhibitions in the museum and two others off site — one in Portland, one in Rockland.

The schedule of events begins this weekend with the opening of an exhibition about the War of 1812 in its bicentennial year. The exhibition, “Subdue, Seize and Take: Maritime Maine in the Unwelcome Interruption of the War of 1812,” will be on view through Oct. 28.

The conflict with Britain lasted from 1812 to 1815. The museum exhibition chronicles the nation-building hubbub in the district of Maine (then part of Massachusetts), from the Eastport “Flour War” and the sacking of Hampden to the frolics of the Royal Navy threatening the partially built USS Washington at Kittery.

Artifacts and original archival documents from four Maine museums and numerous private collections present the story of how this often-overlooked war affected Maine. Among these are a rarely seen model of the privateer Dash, a cannon from the HMS Boxer that was captured by the American brig Enterprise in a battle off the coast of Monhegan, and two gowns worn at the 1815 Saco Peace Ball.

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