As a former teacher at Falmouth High School, I’ve known for years how impressive the teachers, administrators and support staff there are. It took this year, though – and, specifically, our son entering kindergarten – for me to gain an enhanced appreciation for the remarkable work being done at the new and beautiful elementary school.

Although just across the parking lot, FES is in so many ways a different world from FHS. For example, I stand in awe on a daily basis at the remarkable feat of logistics entailed in getting every student on the correct bus, off at the correct stop, and to and from school safely; for that, Topper West, Phil Dobson, the drivers, the main-office staff and everyone else involved in this process deserve much praise.

As for the teachers, ed techs, and other support staff, their commitment to meeting the needs of every child has been nothing short of inspiring to witness. As we celebrate another class of graduating seniors, we should never fail to recognize that the seeds of their success were sown in the elementary school. My sincere compliments to Karen Boffa, John Flaherty, and the entire staff.

There is much about American education in need of improvement, and Falmouth is certainly far from perfect. But, overall, we have excellent schools, for which I wanted to use the opportunity of this letter to express both my gratitude and appreciation.

Ogden Morse