Maine State Music Theatre continues its 54th season with a campy rendition of “Legally Blonde.” Entertainingly filled with Valley girls and bubblegum songs, it’s a guilty-pleasure production that, under the bleach-blond wigs and explosion of pink, playfully reminds audiences that “be true to yourself” never goes out of style.

With an underlying message about the importance of overcoming stereotypes, “Legally Blonde” isn’t a complete no-brainer, but overall is a lighthearted musical intended to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Maine State Music Theatre has cast a fun-filled ensemble to ensure the production upholds its end of the bargain.

Alex Ellis, who appeared as the effervescent Penny Pingleton in “Hairspray,” returns to Maine State Music Theatre as Elle Woods, a UCLA Delta Nu sorority girl-turned Harvard Law student. Ellis is a born comedian, delivering droll facial expressions and playing up the airhead voice, all the while delivering such legalized zingers as “all masturbatory sperm not seeking an egg could be called reckless abandonment.”

Ellis heads up an impressive list of returning favorites. Chuck Ragsdale delivers his fair share of witty lines as Elle’s law school friend, Emmet Forest, and the ever-amusing Charis Leos provides some of the musical’s biggest laughs as Elle’s beautician friend, Paulette.

Curt Dale Clark hams it up as the UPS delivery guy (Kyle) who “is like walking porn,” giving a new meaning to the statement, “I’ve got a package.”

Jessica Lee Goldyn also stands out as fitness guru Brooke Wyndham, leading an entourage of performers on the well-choreographed cardio number, “Whipped Into Shape.”

Other alumni include Brian Michael Hoffman (Dewey/Dad/TV Reporter/Winthrop/”Dog-boy”), Birdie Newman Katz (Mom/Store Manager/Judge), Nicky Vindetti (Padamadan/Nikos) and Buddy Reeder (Aaron/Carlos/Grandmaster Chad).

A bunch of new faces are making their Maine State Music Theatre debuts, including Matthew Ragas,

Ken Land and Lauren Blackman. Ragas, who performed the role of Elle’s cocky ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, in the national tour, brings a Cajun flair to his vocals.

Land, who also performed in the national tour, delivers a Sinatra-like vocal and just the right amount of sleaze as Elle’s law instructor, Professor Callahan.

And Blackman steps into the pencil-thin shoes of Warner’s new law school classmate, Vivienne.

Scene-stealing canines Chico (Bruiser) and Nellie (Rufus) round out the 24-member cast as Elle and Paulette’s four-legged companions. Chico reprises his role from the original Broadway production, and Nellie holds the record for the most performances of “Legally Blonde,” having performed the role for over three years on the national tour and at regional theaters across the country.

You’re in no way legally obligated to see this production. But, if you’ve been feeling lately that it might be time hire a legal team to lodge an insanity defense, then “Legally Blonde” might be the production to bail you out. It’s undeniably ridiculous, but loads of fun.

April Boyle is a free-lance writer from Casco.  She can be contacted at:

[email protected]