M.D. Harmon’s column July 27 column regarding Boy Scouts of America and homosexuality is prompting me to inquire of anyone and everyone to consider one’s own sexuality before judging someone else’s.

My wife and I are heterosexuals, and we have been married for nearly 45 years. We brought into the world two sons, sons whom we are proud of. However (and I fully respect and honor my wife’s pregnancies and deliveries), we did not “make” these babies.

They were gifts of nature just as our compatible sexualities were gifts that we were born with. Even in fertilizing our sons’ seeds, our willful role was very minor.

The fact that our kind makes up, supposedly, 90 percent of the population, does not give me the right, I believe, to question someone else’s “gift” even though it appears to be so different from my own.

I do not even really understand what it feels like to be a heterosexual woman any more than I understand what it feels like to be a homosexual of either gender.

Think of how much all of us do have in common: In behaving our sexuality we do not exercise the parts of the brain that we use to read a book, balance our checkbooks, play a musical instrument, hit a baseball out of the park, etc. And both heterosexuals and homosexuals can behave inappropriately (and criminally) as demonstrated with adultery, incest, rape and pedophilia.

Both heterosexuals and homosexuals can fall in love and live very spiritual lives. Both heterosexuals and homosexuals can raise children to realize the gifts those children were born with. We all have gifts to share with one another, so let’s stop fighting over something none of us fully understands in the first place.

Stephen Sawyer is a resident of Scarborough.


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