As election season begins to heat up, today launches a new online politics section that will provide comprehensive news coverage, photos, videos and background on the issues.

The section features in-depth information on candidates in key political races – president, U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress – in addition to pages that track the latest news in those races. Interested in who’s financing the races? Our Follow the Money page gathers searchable databases of campaign finance in state and federal contests. Want to know which ads stretch the facts? Our Truth Tests tell you which candidates are playing fast and loose with the facts and whose claims are on the mark.

We’ve also spruced up our home page to include a slightly larger, easier to read font on news stories. And we’re adding Darkroom, a new feature that allows you to better view and enjoy the best of our award-winning photo staff’s work.

We’re interested in your feedback and suggestions. Email [email protected].