Police have arrested a Waldoboro woman for allegedly shooting and killing her boyfriend last month.

Arline Seavey, who also goes by Arline Lawless, was arrested Wednesday afternoon as she was released from Spring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook, and charged with the murder of Norman Benner, according to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Seavey, 25, is being held at Cumberland County Jail on Wednesday night and will be transported to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset on Thursday.

The relatives of Benner, 34, went to check on him on July 23 at the house Seavey rented on Friendship Road in Waldoboro, when they found his body and Seavey, who had a gunshot wound on her face.

Police said Wednesday that Seavey’s wound was self-inflicted.

Public safety spokesman Steve McCausland said she will likely appear in Lincoln County Superior Court on Thursday or Friday.

Benner’s mother, Dawn Benner, has said he had been talking about breaking up with Seavey the week before he was shot.

Dawn Benner said when she dropped her son off at Seavey’s house on July 21, he said he’d call back for a ride in an hour. After not hearing from him for almost two days, Benner said she and her daughter went back to the house and found his body.