Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cynthia Dill blasted the latest round of third-party ads poised to hit local television stations this week. 

Her statement follows news that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has purchased $600,000 worth of ad time in local markets. The NRSC will reportedly use the ads to attack independent candidate Angus King while also promoting Dill’s progressive credentials.


The latter effort is designed to divide potential King and Dill voters and increase Republican Charlie Summers’ chances for victory.

Dill said such ads represent "the most deceptive political advertising to ever hit our state." 

“The ads continue the deception we’ve seen from the national Republican Party Super PACs," she said. "The ads pit me against Angus King in the U.S. Senate race, hoping that the only candidate left standing will be (Republican) Charlie Summers."

She added that the "cynical ads" are robbing her of her voice. 

"The NRSC does not speak for me, it cannot muzzle my free speech and it does not speak for the Maine voters," she said, adding, “Let’s tell these charlatans that they cannot ‘purchase’ the U.S. Senate election in Maine."