PORTLAND — The Public Services Department at 6 p.m. tonight will hold a public hearing at Ocean Avenue Elementary School about a project that will close a 1.4-mile stretch of Baxter Boulevard for eight months.

The road closure will allow crews to install a million gallon storage tank for wastewater beneath Baxter Boulevard and a million gallon storage tank underneath Payson Park, the city said in a press release.

City Hall spokeswoman Nicole Clegg said the Back Cove Trail will remain open to pedestrians and bikers.

The project, slated to start in November, is intended to limit the discharge of raw sewerage and storm water into Back Cove during rainstorms.

The city plans to invest more than $170 million, starting in 2014, to separate sewer and storm-water pipes, but it is also using underground storage tanks as a cost-effective way to prevent discharges. 

The city has already reduced the amount of sewer overflows from 720 million gallons a year to 420 million gallons. The goal is to reduce overflows to 87 million gallons a year.



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