I am writing to endorse Kenneth “Jake ” Myrick in House District 123.

As a young boy I often tagged alongside U.S. House Speaker “Tip” O’Neil, and through the years served several presidents,vice presidents, and members of Congress.

I have been truly honored to have worked with some outstanding leaders. I first met Mr. Myrick while helping host Sen. McCain’s campaign visit to South Portland.

I closely watched Mr. Myrick and soon realized he has the passion, experience and drive of a true leader. Being born and raised in Maine, a decorated veteran, a homeless advocate, and proven civic leader, he is currently athletic director for the Boys and Girls Club, and is a true champion and mentor to our children.

Myrick is the hard-working sensible leader and diplomatic voice we need in Augusta. What ever your party affiliation, voting Myrick is the best choice.

Stephen Popp
South Portland

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