Our media partners at WGAN 560 had a couple noteworthy interviews Monday that are worth a listen. 

Hosts Mike Violette and Ken Altshuler snagged a few minutes with Rep. Mark Eves, the presumptive Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. Eves talked a little bit about the upcoming legislative session and how lawmakers will tackle the projected $100 million budget gap at the Department of Health and Human Services. A little background on the latter issue here.

Richard Cebra, the newly elected chairman of the Maine Republican Party, also called in to discuss the future of the party. Cebra, who arrives amid highly-publicized internal strife, said Republicans "had never been more united." He also credited the Democratic legislative victories to a better ground game, a belief that is gaining traction among Republicans struggling to explain their losses in the presidential and state races, as well as an inability to gain any ground in the U.S. Senate.

And finally, I checked in with the show to discuss the upcoming session and the Mecaid shortfall.