I read Edgar Allen Beem’s column on ranked-choice voting, and it came as no surprise. If you read his column carefully, here is the reason for RCV: the Democrats lost last time, so they need to change the rules. The rest of the article is just spin. This is no surprise coming from the liberal side of the isle. Where was Beem when Gov. Baldacci won two times with less than a majority? And if Baldacci runs again, it is likely that his only chance of winning would be with a split vote again. But I am sure that that would be OK, because it is the outcome, not the process, that matters.

Perhaps Beem should spend some time actually discussing Gov. LePage’s policies and achievements, rather than his character and style. I for one care more about results, and so far I think that Gov. LePage has produced some good results. A bipartisan House and Senate passed legislation that has moved Maine in a positive direction. The state continues to face financial hurdles, and Gov. LePage is facing them head on. And although he may not move in your direction, he is moving to deal with these issues, and not kicking them down the road. That is progress.

Barry Stephens

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