As our country officially gets hit with the “sequester” spending cuts, which both parties agree are a poor way to address our national debt, I would like to point out that Maine’s politicians are doing a much better job than most at taking these issues seriously. I applaud their efforts and in particular Sen. Susan Collins, who continues to provide common sense, moderate ideas and actions specifically on the current self-imposed fiscal crisis.

At a time when too many politicians seem content to draw lines in the sand and hunker down in their partisan trenches, Sens. Collins and Angus King have been championing a better way. I may not fully agree ideologically with either, but I am proud of their willingness to embrace centrist, common sense approaches.

We need to support our politicians who are providing logical, rational thought leadership in Washington especially at a time when party loyalty trumps issue resolution. That’s why I’ve joined the Campaign to Fix the Debt, to encourage more of our leaders to do the same. It’s time to get our country back on track.

Christopher Claudio
CEO, Winxnet