The Federal Emergency Management Agency has accepted Maine’s request for a declaration of disaster and will reimburse four Maine counties for $3.5 million worth of snow removal costs that stemmed from the blizzard that blanketed the region Feb. 8 to Feb. 9.

Androscoggin, Cumberland, Knox, and York Counties will receive the money to reimburse 75 percent of costs associated with at least 48 hours of snow removal and associated expenses, according to a statement released Monday by the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

“It is rare, and it should be, for a state like Maine to qualify for assistance for a snow storm,” Gov. Paul LePage said in the statement. “But when we break snow records, it also breaks the budgets for a lot of communities.”

FEMA allows states to qualify for emergency aid when snow-totals break official records. Other counties are currently assessing their costs, and could potentially be added to the declaration.