The  Scarborough Town Council meeting on March 20 was an unfortunate illustration of the nature of the cabal that operates with impunity and without a knowledge or respect for fiduciary duty. Passing the list of appointments without explanation or discussion is about a lot more than my not being reappointed as an alternate member of the Planning Board. The level of secrecy and lack of process inherent in the council appointments committee operation is damaging to the town. Damaging because there is a lack of diversity in most boards and committees. Damaging because it opens the town to liability that is not necessary. Damaging because intelligent and thoughtful people are dissuaded from volunteering their time and skills to the town.

The Town Council should not be a playground for the cabal. The Town Council should be acting in the best interest of the town. This includes answering residents’ questions and being transparent in its deliberations. It did neither that night and it is sad that a town like Scarborough, which deserves the best, is not being well served.

Kerry Corthell