OLD ORCHARD BEACH — The petitions to recall Town Councilors Bob Quinn, Robin Dayton and Michael Coleman have been certified by the town clerk’s office.

The recall petitions were handed in to the town clerk last week by a seven-member recall committee. In a memo to the town council Friday, Town Clerk Kim McLaughlin said that each of the three separate petitions had more than 900 valid signatures. In order to be certified, each petition needed at least 850 valid signatures of registered town voters, which is 20 percent of the people who voted in the last gubernatorial election.

There is a separate effort to recall Councilors Sharri MacDonald, Laura Bolduc, Linda Mailhot and Dana Furtado, and petitions to recall them were certified earlier this week.

“We tried to negotiate with Recall 4 to not follow through with the recall, and since they wouldn’t consider the community in what they would endure, we are at ease they will have the chance to vote on all seven and not only a few,” said Cari-Lyn Lane, chairwoman of the committee to recall Quinn, Dayton and Coleman.

The town council, at its regularly scheduled May 7 meeting, will vote on a date for an election to be held within 45 days. If the town council fails to set a date for an election, then, according to the town charter, the town clerk must set a date for an election to be held within 60 days.

Residents will vote separately on each seated councilor being sought for removal. They will be asked, when voting whether to recall an individual, to vote for a replacement should that individual be removed from office.

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