Yarmouth man, 54, arrested for strolling naked on trails

A Yarmouth man who police say was captured running naked in Cascade Falls Park in Saco is charged with indecent conduct.

Daniel J. Latham, 54, was seen Tuesday by Police Chief Bradley Paul walking naked on one of the trails in the park.

Latham ran deeper into the woods but police caught up with him after a brief chase as he stopped to put on his pants, police said. Latham had some clothes with him and others were found alongside a trail.

Paul and Sgt. Bruce Cote went to the town-owned Cascade Brook trail system about 1:30 p.m. after receiving complaints from the public about suspicious and illicit behavior in the family-friendly park.

Latham’s only explanation was that he has always done that, said Deputy Chief Jeff Holland.

Latham is scheduled to appear in Biddeford District Court on the misdemeanor charge. He was released from jail on $100 bail.


Firefighters hoist man out of Portland Harbor

Firefighters used ladders, ropes and a basket to hoist a man out of the water near the Ocean Gateway terminal late Tuesday night.

Police got a call at 11:30 p.m. that someone was yelling for help near the east end of the waterfront. At the same time, a taxi driver who was parked near Ocean Gateway heard the yells and went to help.

They heard a man yelling at the base of the wall on Portland Harbor but couldn’t see him.

Firefighters arrived, hoisted the man to safety and took him to a nearby hospital to be evaluated for hypothermia.

The man’s name was not released.


Local author plans to share vampire expertise on show

Portland author Sarah Thomson will share her expertise on vampires on the Travel Channel show “Monumental Mysteries.”

The show will premiere at 9 p.m. on May 9.

Thomson is the author of “Mercy: The Last New England Vampire.” She was filmed earlier this year at the Rhode Island gravesite of Mercy Brown, talking about the purported vampire, who died in 1892.

Thomson’s book was published in 2011 by Maine-based Islandport Press.


Detective receives award for recovering stolen guns

A detective in Jay has been recognized by federal authorities for keeping 19 stolen guns off the streets with few clues to help him.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office awarded Richard Caton IV the National Crime Victims Rights Week 2013 Law Enforcement Award at a ceremony recently in Bangor.

The firearms, plus a muzzleloader and a crossbow, were stolen from a home in Jay on Jan. 26, 2012.

Caton, 32, recovered the stolen guns within 24 hours. Two people were arrested.

He told the Sun Journal that while he is pleased with the award, he was “just doing my job.”

Special Agent Christopher Durkin of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also received the award for his work on the case.


Four sheriffs taking stand against pot legalization

Four Maine sheriffs are joining community health care providers to stand against marijuana legalization efforts.

Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty, president of the Maine Sheriffs Association, said Tuesday that legalizing marijuana would damage communities.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said marijuana use has negative effects on a developing brain.

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant and Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett joined them.

The sheriffs said marijuana is a drug that leads to abuse of other substances. Liberty says many inmates who come into his jail on drug charges got their start with marijuana.

Bruce Campbell, program director at Wellspring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services in Bangor, said marijuana use costs Maine almost $1.3 billion annually for health care, social services, criminal justice and loss of productivity.


Artist will let LOVE image appear on specialty plate

The renowned Maine artist Robert Indiana has agreed to have his iconic LOVE image appear on a proposed specialty license plate promoting Maine arts.

The Maine Crafts Association is collecting signatures to have the state issue the plate. At least 2,000 people must put down $25 deposits before the plate can move ahead.

The plate’s design would feature Indiana’s pop icon, known worldwide with its letters stacked two to a line, the letter “O” tilted on its side. The bottom of the plate would read, “The State of the Arts.”

Indiana created LOVE in New York in the 1960s. He moved to Vinalhaven in 1978.

People can sign up for a plate at