Reading Barney Frank’s April 21 commentary about inequality (“Reward rich AND reduce income gap“) brought to mind two things for me.

One was how Margaret Thatcher said that she believed in inequality because it made people work harder to achieve their goals.

The other feeling I got from Mr. Frank’s column was how much of what he said made me feel like this country has turned into a feudal system, how we are the serfs ruled by kings and queens.

When did our country enter into this sorry state of existence?

Have we the people become fat and lazy or thin and tired enough to let our leaders turn us into their servants?

It isn’t just our national government but all state governments that are using and abusing the people of this country.

Tell me, please, where does the fault lie? Is it in the people who rule or those who let them?

Belinda Frank of North Haven is no relation to former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank.

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