Regional School Unit 5 needs your support and your vote on June 11 for the bond initiative to renovate our high school serving Durham, Pownal and Freeport. The 1961 building has served well for 50 years, but today’s children (tomorrow’s future) need this investment to assure we can not only meet the immediate needs for proper space, accessibility and security but also to allow for the school district to grow.

What better place than our high school for residents (property tax investors) to make their future investment in the next generation. A school is one of the very few common-core identities of community. This high school has seen a 25 percent increase in students with the RSU merger, on top of annual growth. The community will see the benefits not only in the physical appearance or the enhanced athletic fields, but also in the pride and assured confidence of the continual flow of students as they become our community representatives, our leaders and our constituents.

Everyone talks about how to keep young people in rural Maine. Investing in their primary education with a facility they can come back to again and again is an excellent effort toward this objective. Vote yes on the bond on June 11.

John Egan