I am referring to the commentary by Greg Kesich in the June 19 Portland Press Herald titled “Killing background check measures protects illegal sales.”

Mr. Kesich suggests that passing some kind of expanded background check law will suddenly cause everyone to obey that law, keep guns out of the “wrong hands” (typically as defined by bureaucrats, not courts or statutes) and dry up the booming black market in illegal (typically stolen) firearms.

Worse yet, he suggests that the “gun lobby” is the “ally” of convicted felons and the insane.

Is it really necessary for the Press Herald to print such propagandist garbage? Much like the extremists who hold up signs reading “NRA: Blood on your hands” after every shooting, they seem more interested in promoting their political agenda than reporting the facts.

And, naturally, the piece had to re-hash the Newtown shootings for the gazillionth time, complete with the children’s body count. With the absolutely endless sensationalizing of such tragedies, is it really a mystery why more psychopaths are inspired to commit these heinous acts?

Such pieces are an insult to intelligent readers and suggest that the Press Herald, like so many in the media, take the public for fools that can be led around by the nose. Shame on the Portland Press Herald!

Peter Howe is a resident of Standish.