As condo owners who lost a home in the North Gables explosion, my wife and I have finally had a chance to say thank you to the many who came to our aid. I was in our garage when the explosion occurred, and Joan was still asleep.

She was blown into the air and then in fright ran out the front door. Surprisingly the debris missed me. By the time we found each other, the police arrived. Then came the fire crews and EMS personnel.The promptness, professionalism and compassion was awesome. We won’t ever complain about that portion of our tax bill.

Many came from other towns and I am sure an unknown number of town units provided backup to those who were on site. What can we say but thank you, everyone. In our shock we did not know the Red Cross was also there. They made breakfast and offered medical assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. It may be a year before some of us can return, but we shall.

Amory Houghton