It was with great pleasure (and amusement) that I read in the July 25 Police Beat that the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department had arrested someone for operating under the influence, etc., on Walnut Hill Road.

Why is this so funny? Well, I have been reading The Forecaster for years, and to my memory this is the first time that the Sheriff’s Department has arrested someone in North Yarmouth for a traffic violation. When you read the Police Beat you see arrests and summons in every other town, with the possible exception of Chebeague Island. You cannot tell me that no one is ever speeding, not stopping at stop signs or making other moving violations on any of our roads. We are nice people in North Yarmouth, but we are not that pure.

I challenge the Sheriff’s Department to sit on Walnut Hill Road near Toot’s Ice Cream; they’d make a fortune. The speed limit on most of that road is 35 mph. Most everyone (myself included) goes at least 45 mph. The trucks barrel along that road at breakneck speeds. The same goes for Route 9 and several other of our major roads.

Our town officials need to get on top of the situation and implore the Sheriff’s Department to do their job.

Dave White
North Yarmouth