Politico published a long look at the 2014 governors races, focusing on Republican governor’s in states that are considered left leaning.

The story comes up with an early assessment of the races in Maine and Pennsylvania, saying that "only two Republicans running for reelection really look like dead-men-walking at this point: Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett and Maine’s Paul LePage."

It’s unlikely that political observers closer to home would make that same assessment of the race, given that there are already two presumed candidates — Democrat Mike Michaud and independent Eliot Cutler — competing for some of the same voters and increasing the chances for LePage’s second term. 

The Politico piece does note that it’s not easy to unseat incumbent governors, a fact that LePage’s political team is fond of noting.

The story also highlights some of the strategies that Democrats and Republicans are likely to deploy during the 2014 campaign. Mainers are already seeing some of it, specifically a rebounding national economy and the reforms that Republicans were able to install during their first term.