ROCKLAND — PicassoWhat Gallery is holding a special event on Friday with Georgian-born artist Gigi Aea, who will discuss his paintings in the exhibit, “Summer on Silk.”

The event, from 5 to 8 p.m. at 328 Main St., Studio 201, will feature his large-scale textile paintings, including “My Garden in Tuscany” and “Dreamer’s World.”

The paintings, measuring 60 by 60 and 60 by 96 inches, are created using silk dye painted with a brush onto stretched silk canvas. Aea’s art is described as “colorful, sensuous, abstract yet floral, even biomorphic. …The paintings draw the viewer into a world of intense beauty and palpable emotion.”

Aea, of Camden, was born in Tiblisi, Georgia, to a multigenerational family of artists. He moved to New York City after completing his formal fine-art training in Europe. He worked with luminaries such as Mary McFadden and Oscar de la Renta, and chose to explore the American landscape by spending time in the Sonora Desert and California. Eventually, he was lured to micoast Maine.

Also shown Friday will be small-scale abstract works by Nikki Galapon; portraits of “working class owls” by Rebecca Rouse; classical music instrument portraits by Laura Tetrault; and intimate surrealist paintings by M.C. Hutcheson.

The gallery will close for the season on Sept. 8.

For more information, visit the gallery’s facebook page, email [email protected], or call 593-8109.


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