BANGOR – Portland (3-1) lost a two-touchdown lead, a couple of turnovers, and for a few minutes its composure. But Jayvon Pitts-Young helped his teammates get it all back against the Rams (2-2) at Bangor.

Portland was trying to protect a five-point lead and kill time in the fourth quarter when Pitts-Young had the ball stripped by Bangor defensive end Jordan Ayer near midfield. On the next play, Logan Lanham of the Rams was slowed by linebacker Joe Esposito and hit hard by Pitts-Young. The football popped free.

Matt Talbot snatched it out of the air and veered to the sideline, outrunning the nearest Bangor players to the Portland end zone. Seconds later he twisted in the air to catch a pass from Jordan Talbot for the 2-point conversion. With 4:05 to play, Portland had its 33-20 lead.

Justin Zukowski of the Bulldogs scored on a 12-yard run midway through the first quarter and added a 2-yard touchdown run after Bangor mishandled a punt attempt. Portland went up 19-7 on Pitts-Young’s 10-yard scoring run before halftime.

Bangor scored three times on quarterback Xavier Lewis’ running and passing. He scored on a scrambling 7-yard run, a 25-yard pass to Alex Welch and another run from inside the Portland 5 to put the Rams up 20-19.

Zukowski’s 5-yard run for his third touchdown of the game gave Portland its final lead.