I must say I am very disappointed that the Russian parliament granted the Greenpeace terrorists amnesty. President Vladimir Putin seems to be losing his edge in dealing with these types. Back in the bad old days, they would have suffered a much harsher and quicker punishment.

I am amazed that Greenpeace continues to place their employees in jeopardy with these clearly criminal activities. Apparently Greenpeace and their employees feel that their cause (environmentalism?) is so noble that they should be allowed to break the laws of any country. Their whole purpose seems to be to garner publicity and, in no small measure, contributions.

I think the hooliganism charge was totally appropriate and seven years in prison might have taught them a lesson. On the other hand, the captain of the ship, Peter Wilcox, has apparently been breaking laws for 32 years and as captain should have received a much longer sentence.

From what I have read in the newspapers, the crew members are talking very bravely now that they are safely out of Russia. Well, all you brave souls, I double-dog-dare you to go back and trespass on that Gazprom oil rig!

Putin can still redeem his world image as a tough guy. Russia still has the vessel, the icebreaker Arctic Sunrise. He could appropriate it and use it as an icebreaker in Russia, he could sink it or he could cut it up for scrap. In no case should it be given back to Greenpeace.

As far as Greenpeace goes, they could be charged under the U.S. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute as a criminal organization. Too bad they are based in Amsterdam. A Google search of Greenpeace shows a fundraising branch in the U.S. Perhaps it should be investigated with an eye to shutting it down.

Harry White


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