Your Dec. 29 Insight cover had no balancing column(s) to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ “New day in health care dawns Jan. 1” submission. Why not, as it screams for fairness from your paper?

Truisms: Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions and has no benefits cap.

Maybe an individual would qualify for some financial assistance, dependent upon income (no verification needed) and number of dependents. Six in 10 can obtain coverage for as little as $100/month, but co-pays and deductibles result in out-of-pocket costs far exceeding any supposed low premium cost.

Doctor visits (if your doctor is on an “approved list”); prescription costs (don’t forget cost of birth control pills – sorry, guys, no Viagra coverage); hospital stays and preventative services (already covered in many policies) are mainstays in any medical coverages purchased.

The purpose for this upheaval of our society is to ensure availability of medical coverage for those who cannot afford such coverage. About 6 million people who had their own coverage prior to this abomination have had their policies canceled.

Why? Forty-five to 62-year-olds likely don’t have much need for maternity, nor newborn baby care, nor birth control pills (obligatory coverages under Obamacare).

One thing for sure, many will need mental health coverage after exhaustive, often futile efforts to register on the website. If – if – their premium payments can be accounted for, they may “probably” have some kind of Obamacare recommended coverage.

And for all this goodness, taxpayers have doled out $300 billion and will be hit with another $800 billion to $1 trillion for getting the whole system running, along with another $1 trillion (I’ll betcha) to connect the website to the actual purchasing mechanism for coverage.

The author is oblivious to what she and her boss have wrought on our citizens. Not to worry – after this, she’ll be promoted to vice-presidential material.

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