From the April 23, 1967, edition of the Portland Press Herald (page 20A) alongside a story about the NAACP’s regional conference, held at the Eastland Hotel. Original caption: “NAACP leaders lead off in a march down Congress Street Saturday afternoon. From the left are Kivie Kaplan, Newton, Mass., national president; Donald Fisher, Portland, president of the local area branch; Boston attorney Keesler H. Montgomery, regional conference president, and Gerald Talbot, Portland, chairman of the regional conference. (By Staff Photographer Merrill)”

Originally published in the March 3, 1978, edition of the Portland Press Herald, page 9. Original caption: “Reviewing the script for a pre-Civil War ‘sermon’ to be delivered in services at the First Parish Church Sunday are, from left, Carolyn Fate, Keith Hawkins and Bill Dymond, director of the NAACP’s Black History program. The sermon will be presented as part of a service intended to recall a black church program of the previous century. (Staff photo)”

An unpublished, uncredited photo from the Jan. 20, 1986, Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast. 1986 was the first year that King’s birthday was celebrated as a federal holiday, but at the time it had not yet been recognized as a state holiday in Maine.

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