The article “Maine website to help parents find day cares is riddled with errors” (Jan. 23) is not a surprise.

Two years ago, the LePage administration insisted on taking away the day care referral services provided by Resource Development Centers at established regional agencies so unqualified state workers could administer the services as a way to save money.

The resource centers allowed parents to talk with actual human beings with regional knowledge of the services and resources available.

The consequences of this decision are now the headlines in today’s news as unlicensed and conditionally licensed day care programs cause Maine’s children to suffer from abuse and neglect. The idea that the state is still not releasing important data and hopes to learn “ways to keep online data more up-to-date” and “has attended conferences to learn how to post investigative reports online” is so frustrating to the professionals who previously provided the information accurately and fairly.

This is yet another example of the LePage government tampering with Maine’s human services with cheapness and an “anyone can do this work” mindset that has endangered vulnerable citizens and taken away jobs from the professionals.

Joan Hager


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