I’ve urged President Obama to consider the story of King Midas when he makes the decision whether or not to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

I wrote that although there may be economic advantage to corporations that bring fossil fuels to market, the extraction process that produces tar sands oil is wreaking havoc on our environment, destroying land and polluting water sources. My letter asked that President Obama deny approval of the construction of Keystone XL.

Climate change is real. The science is clear, although politics have not been. We are poisoning ourselves and our planet. There are alternatives to fossil fuels, and we would do well to support them as we have previously subsidized coal, oil and natural gas companies.

A healthier future for the planet and its people can result. By using our strong collective voices, we may convince our elected leaders to move in a healthier direction, one that will provide the energy we need for a sustainable future.

I am motivated to work for environmental issues because I am the grandmother of four. My concern extends beyond these four children – to all the world’s children and to their children and grandchildren to come. We are given the responsibility to care for this good earth and to care for it beyond our own lifetimes.

Lynne Curtis Caswell


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