SANFORD — A steep hill and an extremely slippery street proved to be an unhappy combination when a parked fire truck slid into a police cruiser during Tuesday afternoon’s storm. And when an ambulance arrived, it slid into the fire truck.

The mishap, which caused no injuries but damaged all three vehicles, was one of several in the area during Tuesday afternoon’s intense snowstorm.

Sanford’s police log for the day shows the first crash came just before 1 p.m., and they continued throughout the day. By midnight, when the day’s log is complete, there were nine crashes reported.

The snow started falling lightly late in the morning. By 2:30 p.m., it had picked up considerably, and visibility and road conditions quickly deteriorated, though plowing crews did their best to keep up.

Sanford Police posted a travel advisory on its Facebook page mid-afternoon.

“Please travel only if it is a necessity,” the advisory said, in part.

The storm prompted Waterboro to cancel a scheduled selectmen’s workshop, but Sanford’s City Council meeting went on as scheduled.

Sanford Fire Department ambulances were tied up with a medical call and at a crash on Route 99, so when a medical call came in for a patient on Thompson Street around 4 p.m., Alfred Fire and Rescue was called for mutual aid, Alfred Fire Chief David Lord said this morning. He said the area in front of the patient’s home on Thompson Street was extremely icy. A Sanford fire engine that had responded to the medical call slid into a police cruiser parked there. The Alfred ambulance arrived, and parked where the fire truck had been, and the crew went into the house to tend to the patient, said Lord. And then the ambulance slid into the fire truck.

All three vehicles sustained minor damage, Lord said.

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