The current controversy about Maine’s mining rules deserves our immediate attention.

It is one of those issues that will drive our kids and grandkids wild with frustration if we don’t protect our state now from mining industry contamination.

This is the time when our elected representatives and senators get to reject industry-generated “revisions” to Maine’s good mining laws.

We citizens get to rally behind them, urging members of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee to stand strong and protect our state’s mountains, waterways, homes and livelihoods.

If we don’t, our kids may well ask, “Why can’t we swim in this lake?” and “What happened to our favorite campsites?” and “Where did the fishing holes go?”

Let’s hope they also don’t end up asking, “Why do we have to buy bottled water instead of using the tap?” and “Where are the tourists?” and “Whose crazy idea was it to leave wet mine waste pools here?”

We need to reject L.D. 1772. A public hearing on the bill is planned for Feb. 24 at 9 a.m. in Room 216 of the Cross State Office Building.

Mariana Tupper


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