I read Feb. 9 a letter from David S. Kaler of Bath writing “Oakhurst was a company that cared.” How that pleased me.

In 1945 your milkman was probably Jimmy Callan, Joe Tourcotte, George McMann or Mike Bennett.

Oakhurst ice cream was made in the Bath plant for the Portland plant, and I can attest to how good it really was.

After school we’d all run to the dairy for ice cream, hoping Mr. Bennett would come out of his office and wait on us. He gave the biggest ice cream for a nickel.

When I read David’s letter later to my cousin in New York, she said it was Minnie (their mother) who always told them “to be kind and help people out.”

Joan B. Robinson

Chebeague Island (birthplace of Stanley T. Bennett, Oakhurst founder)


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