Congratulations to the Telegram for North Cairn’s excellent article of Feb. 16 that dealt with wind power carbon “offsets” – revealing how wind corporations make millions selling offsets to polluting companies so that they may continue polluting (“Landowners cash in on timber they don’t cut”).

I agree with a writer who said green energy offsets remind him of sales of indulgences in the Middle Ages when Catholic clergymen convinced sinners that if they gave money, they could purchase pieces of paper that would absolve them of their sins and get them into heaven without having to change their behavior.

Wind power offsets are similar to carbon credits that are sold to polluters, thereby enabling them to continue to produce CO2 emissions without penalties.

There is no need for polluting industries to change their behavior.

No wonder that carbon emissions, coal usage,and global warming have been increasing at the same time thousands of wind turbines have been installed.

Every wind turbine contributes to global warming, so thanks to all those politicians who have given us our expensive, mountain-destroying, unreliable wind power.

Clyde MacDonald


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