It seems as though your articles are trying to stir up trouble at the same time Sangillo’s management is trying to alleviate trouble (“Citing 23 calls, one shooting, police want Portland bar shut down,” March 11; “Portland bar sees trouble in bottom of cognac glass,” March 12).

NerwsInsinuations of racial profiling by your staff are uncalled-for. Why was Rachel Talbot Ross contacted and questioned; why Keith Maddox in Massachusetts? I’m sure if you throw enough fuel on the situation, you’ll get a conflagration.

No business can legally control what occurs on public property outside their establishment. It seems that Sangillo’s management is making an extraordinary effort to control what happens inside their tavern – 16 security cameras (where do they fit them all?) and a doorman on weekend nights.

Over the years (starting at the original location), I’ve seen fishermen, lobstermen, construction workers, painters, restaurant workers, professional people, people of every race – all made to feel welcome by the owners and staff. Only troublemakers were unwelcome, and if something that attracts them is not offered, then that’s what should be done.

Averill “Sam” Huff

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