As the human resources director for a small business, I have had very few dealings with the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation. However, the dealings I have had have left me feeling very discouraged.

I have never felt as though anyone at the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation was willing to understand things from an employer’s perspective or even remain objective, until recently.

Last week, after a deputy was unable to answer my questions, I was directed to a Mr. Dennis Collins. He not only answered my questions, but also explained in detail how decisions are reached and how the laws are interpreted. For the first time, I felt like the person on the other end of the phone understood the importance business plays in the Maine economy.

While I am still not happy with the outcome of the unemployment claim, it is encouraging to be able to speak to someone like Dennis and know that my concerns are being heard. I hope this trend continues there and in other state departments as we strive to make Maine more business-friendly.

Emily Tibbetts